cultivate the ground of well-being.

good company "sangha" is essential to us as human beings, if we are to flourish.  practicing mindfulness and meditation in good company, you will experience being in a way that is more fluid, at ease, and joyful.

at it's simplest, good company is defined as those who truly wish us well.  though meditation often happens apparently alone on a cushion, however you sit, you sit in the company of all those who have come before you in practice, your teachers, your teacher's teachers, and the myriad beings with whom we co-exist.  with conjunctio classes and retreats, you will practice and sit with those who wish you well and accelerate your capacity to learn and to embody well-being.

conjunctio practices mindfulness and meditation in the tradition of Tibetan yogas and tantras, from motion into apparent stillness, and, as bodies, this assists us in relaxing so that moment-to-moment we may more easily perceive presence, openness, and awareness.

these practices are transmitted through simple exercises that you can take into any situation, from the boardroom to your backyard.  these exercises support the budding and flourishing of happiness in ourselves and others through:

  • mental clarity
  • spontaneous & free flowing laughter
  • greater flexibility of perceptual & emotional responses
  • quicker recovery from stress
  • clarifying your priorities
  • lower heart rate
  • better regulation of blood pressure
  • access to joyful creativity & intelligence

practicing together in this way is an invitation to cultivate yourself as the ground for well-being so that you will:

  • rid yourself of the skepticism and superstitions that surround happiness
  • build an increasing tolerance for well-being, mind and body
  • expand the good feelings you already have
  • be happy, not circumstantially delighted, but actually happy more of the time
  • practice happiness as a social virtue

why wait? like you, everyone wants to be happy. share whatever bit you find in yourself, right now, with whomever crosses your path next.

laura teaches at the direct request of Julie Henderson, Sanjay Khandro, founder Zapchen Somatics, who teaches at the direct request of Kundun Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa Kargyud lineage, and his father, the 38th Vairocana Tulku.

classes are scheduled upon request.  please call for the current schedule. individual and couples sessions are also available for 90 minutes to two hours at our North Berkeley location, or by phone or skype.

conjunctio practices Zapchen Somatics. Zapchen is a hybrid of the relatively new field of somatic psychotherapy with the long established traditions of tibetan buddhism. Zapchen forms the basis of a renewed approach to the fields of somatic psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sexuality, self-regulation of neurochemistry, shock and trauma resolution, bodywork, mindfulness and meditation.