fewer answers, better questions.

conjunctio's somatically-based approach to counseling and coaching offers you the often over-looked perception and intelligence that you have access to when you are aware as a body-mind, not just as a brain-mind.

within this greater capacity to perceive your current circumstances and a clear picture of how you would like things to be different--because, let's face it, if you're thinking about some sort of therapy, you want things to be different--you will change in meaningful ways that bring you greater pleasure and satisfaction in your day-to-day experience of living, the relationships that matter most to you, and enthusiastically pursue what gratifies you.

with conjunctio you will:

  • embody skills which allow you to move to well-being, regardless of circumstances
  • increase your awareness and perception of yourself and others
  • experience the powerful possibilities that arise when, aware as a body, you address concerns from the well of your own intelligence
  • deepen intimacy and learn to better resolve difficulties in relationship
  • clarify your priorities
  • generate real paths to fulfillment
  • act with more focused, effective intention
  • create momentum, consistency and results

conjunctio engages the dynamism of what's actually happening in your whole life, day-to-day, as a vehicle to move you towards what you want.

individual sessions are 60 or 90 minutes and couples sessions are 90 minutes or two-hours at our North Berkeley location, or by phone or skype. classes available. call for schedule.

conjunctio practices Zapchen Somatics. Zapchen is a hybrid of the relatively new field of somatic psychotherapy with the long established traditions of tibetan buddhism. Zapchen forms the basis of a renewed approach to the fields of somatic psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sexuality, self-regulation of neurochemistry, shock and trauma resolution, bodywork, mindfulness and meditation.