your body will understand it

long before your mind has words for it.

somatic education, bodywork, and healing are a combination of the passive, restorative, and relaxing features of traditional bodywork and the somatically-based interventions of Zapchen, which give you greater awareness of your body and the intelligence and resourcefulness within you.

by bringing the clear light of awareness and the warm hands of compassion to the contractions and stress reflexes that pull your body into painful distortions of your natural, vibrant well-being, we are able to unwind the patterns that perpetuate discomfort and pain so that you feel as good you can, regardless of circumstances.

conjunctio bodywork and healing use a combination of traditional hands-on therapeutic techniques, cranial-sacral manipulation, fascial release, acupressure, and Zapchen Somatics, depending on your body's needs.

with conjunctio, you will alter the chemistry that links mind and body through touch, simple movements, breath, and sound so that you will:

  • resolve aches, pains, and injuries
  • feel better as a body and take more pleasure in being
  • be more easily productive
  • enhance choice and satisfaction
  • notice an increased ability to be present
  • build an acuity of awareness
  • access healing

individual sessions are 60 or 90 minutes and couples sessions are 90 minutes or two-hours at our North Berkeley location.

conjunctio practices Zapchen Somatics. Zapchen is a hybrid of the relatively new field of somatic psychotherapy with the long established traditions of tibetan buddhism. Zapchen forms the basis of a renewed approach to the fields of somatic psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sexuality, self-regulation of neurochemistry, shock and trauma resolution, bodywork, mindfulness and meditation.