Julie Henderson, PhD, Khandro & Founder Zapchen Somatics, Napa, CA

5 stars 12/22/1996

Laura has worked with hundreds of people and, being one of them, I can say that she has skills that not many other people have: presence, mutuality, the skills of relationship and appropriate touch.

Matt A.

5 stars 4/3/2017

How can I put into words the profound effect Laura's work has had on my life? I'm not quite sure that I can. I'm several weeks into working with Laura through some major life transitions. From the very first session, Laura had a very unique ability to dig deep past layers of story and emotions to get at the root of what has been distressing me. I sought the help of several different therapists to assist me with feelings of loneliness and depression. While each of the modalities had something to offer, in one session it was clear that Laura's work would not only help me out of the rut that I've been in, but also offers the tools to go deeper and address root issues that have become intertwined with the re-emergence of these feelings from time to time throughout my life. I can't recommend her work highly enough. It has been a true gift and a blessing to be able to work with her. Each day I notice more and more the impact it's been having on my life. Initially I believed that I just wanted help working my way out of my depression. I never realized that it was possible to go deeper than that, to be free of perceptions and emotions that I've come to accept as part of who I am, that I don't have to be chained to the inner story that "this is just who I am." If you are reading this review, looking for a therapist, do yourself a solid and book an appointment. It doesn't have to be a commitment, but even with a single session, you'll be glad to have met this wonderful healer.

Tara F.

5 stars 2/21/2014

There are so many "healers" out there, so many "spiritual guides" or "self help gurus" who advertise having studied in an authentic spiritual lineage, so many californians who dabble in so many disciplines, but it is a rare thing to find someone who really is tapped into an authentic lineage and truly embodies what they teach. Laura Lund is one of the these few.

My partner and I have studied Zapchen Somatics with Laura for about two years now. We were searching for a spiritual discipline that addressed the body as well as the mind and that was accessible to us as westerners without being watered down. Zapchen Somatics turned out to be exactly what we were looking for, an ancient wisdom packaged in a delightfully grounded, essentialized, playful, and accessible way. Laura turned out to be more than we could have asked for in a teacher. She is one of those rare people who really listens and teaches according to what is coming up for you in the moment instead of from some preconceived plan. She really knows her material (from the anatomy and physiology to the the energy and emotions), and illustrates the results of years of awareness practice by being comfortable in her own skin, perceptive, intuitive, humble, human, and not taking herself too seriously. Laura has been a friend, mentor and teacher to both of us an invaluable ally in this topsy-turvey world.

Whether you are a seeker, or just someone who wants to actualize their fullest potential in an embodied and authentic way, I would highly recommend Laura and the priceless wisdom she has to offer.

Jacob S.

5 stars 2/11/2014

Working with Laura has been nothing short of an Amazing Experience!

In my experience, spiritual teachings can often seem distant, remote and unwieldy in this modern world. In contrast to this Laura brings simplicity, warmth, authentic wisdom, and a deeply human perspective to her practice. I heartily recommend her services for anyone looking for the real deal!

My girlfriend and I have been working with Laura for over two years. She has become a trusted friend and valued mentor to both of us. We came from a strong background in spiritual practice having studied classical meditation practices and Tibetan Buddhism. We found Laura through our search for a teacher who could explain the Tantras from a unelaborate yet authentic perspective. Learning from her has since exceeded both our expectations. She has introduced us to a world of energy work that is at once simple and childlike and incredibly deep, connecting the practitioner with the very essence of spiritual practice.

Sam C.

5 stars 2/18/2014

As a trans man, I have trained myself to disconnect from a body that doesn't match my view of myself or my identity. Laura managed to make feeling my whole body seem like a very compelling invitation - weeks later, I am still feeling connected to my body in ways I never realized were missing. She offered perspectives on 30-year-old mysteries in the ways I feel my muscles, and made me feel safe and at home. For the first time I can remember, I felt pain without a sense of violation. Usually, I shy away from anything "woo-woo" -- but I swear she managed to communicate and soothe my tissues and strain through chanting. I can't recommend Laura enough, and there is no way I will ever get a massage from someone else.

Ellen A.

5 stars 4/3/2016

Laura is a world class teacher on all levels, and I feel so very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is an expert on love, intimacy, somatic awareness, and the Zapchen lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She can handle anything you can throw at her! And she is quick to identify the root of your suffering with kindness and clarity. Her work helped me emerge from a painful divorce full of optimism and a willingness to connect, whereas in the past something like that would have left me completely withdrawn for quite some time. Working with Laura has taught me how to "feel as good as I can in spite of everything," to quote the Zapchen philosophy. Such liberation, to have learned these tools for taking responsibility for my own well-being regardless of circumstance. If you want to actually wake up from the dream of the mentally-derived aspects of your own suffering rather than just talk about your problems, Laura can help. Laura's super-human ability to see, appreciate, and acknowledge others' unique gifts will help you learn to do the same for yourself.

Steve Lindquist, Gestalt Therapist & Teacher, Chicago College of Healing Arts, Chicago, IL

5 stars 12/23/1995

Laura is an exceptional practitioner. She values and attends to presence, relationship, communication. She has a good awareness of boundaries and boundary issues. The linearity of time is suspended when we are working. She thrives vibrantly, whatever is going on in her life, and invites her clients into that state with her.

Stacy R.

5 stars 2/4/2015

In a word? Amazing. Intuitive. Healing. Funny. Wise. OK, that was 5 words. I saw Laura for massage and somatic work, but her whole life view includes what is going on in your life and how that shows up in your body.

I am deeply allergic to anything too "woo-woo" and Laura was able to get things done for my personal process that were negatively affecting my body. And all the while she was making me laugh with her Chicago-born, Italian, wise-cracking and practical approach. She is really quite the package. If you have pain (physical or emotional), crap you have been avoiding, or just a hitch in your giddyup, get yourself to Laura and get there quick. She will SAVE you money and time by cutting right to the heart of the matter, be it your heart or your hamstring. Or both.

Llewellyn Wishart, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist Learning & Development Specialist Sydney, Australia

5 stars 12/23/2002

Higher order coaches move beyond goal setting and life design into helping client's through whole-bodied experience create the quantum field which repatterns their life towards integrity and success. Laura is one of these coaches. Using subtle yet powerful body-mind integration practices Laura invites you from the cellular level up to 'be' the change you want to see in yourself or the world. Traditional coaching in my experience is all about doing, Laura's approach keeps bringing you back to the importance of being, in a living, breathing, experienced body. Effective doing is then supported by awareness, presence and alignment in the body which makes lasting change and the movement towards goals and aspirations sustainable over the long haul. This, in my experience, is unique among coaches.

Diana G.

5 stars 1/20/2015

I have been seeing Laura for 6 months. I started with a massage appointment that was given to me as a gift. I was so impressed with her body work. It is really a spectacular experience to receive.. I have since been seeing Laura as a therapist and coach. I am working through grief and other life issues. I can't really explain it but I always feel better when I leave Laura's presence, both physically and emotionally. A true gift in my life

Derrick K.

5 stars 11/5/2016

Laura Lund is the voice and hands at conjuctio, and it is with her voice and hands that Laura can mitigate or heal pain of the physical, spiritual, and emotional sorts. Laura has strong, intuitive hands, and when I'm on her table I know she's getting some good work done. I started to see Laura for help with sports related injuries--problems solved! I now find myself returning for maintenance and reward. What better treat than a massage! Laura is an excellent communicator. Over many sessions Laura and I have developed a sincere rapport, and I am grateful for our easy, flowing conversations. When I see Laura now, I feel she weaves a massage, an energy tune-up, and a mini therapy session into our visit. Laura has a straight-forward approach, a winning personality, and a deep skill set--she is an excellent choice for a masseuse and therapist.

Britt N.

5 stars 2/5/2000

I am a frequent flyer of the healing arts and without a doubt Laura is the best there is. Combining a deeply intuitive sense of body and spirit with extensive professional training, Laura has a totally unique and uplifting approach that will leave you feeling better than you ever imagined possible. I am continually impressed and amazed by her empathic ability to meet you where you are and literally move energy exactly where it needs to go. This inevitably brings a deep release of tension, stuck beliefs, and the holding of things not serving us. In the end, there is always profound relief and laughter that warms you to your core. One look at Laura's radiant smile and you're on your way into the highest and best of the healing exchange. The perfect blend of heart and hands and stellar professionalism. Laura's work is not a luxury; it is a necessity and you deserve it.

Daniel D. LMFT

5 stars 1/7/2014

Laura has an extraordinary gift working with the body. She is able to both teach me about listening to the wisdom of my body and empowering my own body with movement. I think her knowledge about working with the body is exceptional. Whether you are seeking massage or counseling, you will be grateful for Laura's gifts.

Tessa S.

5 stars 6/4/2014

Consider yourself lucky if you're reading this review, because it means you've found Laura Lund, healer extraordinaire! Whenever I try to describe to friends what it is Laura does, I get temporarily stumped because her work is so fresh, unique and ever-changing to fit the needs of the present moment, it's impossible to put into a box.

I try anyway and usually say, "Oh, she's a bodyworker who incorporates an aspect of talk-therapy with foundations in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy." Phew. Then I add, "For the first half-hour of each session, we talk about whatever's 'up' for me that day and what I want to work on. Then, for one blissful hour, I get on the table and Laura begins the hands on therapy." Upon hearing this, people are usually kind of amazed. What an incredible package! they say. You get all that seeing just ONE practitioner, when it would ordinarily take at least three?! ...

In terms of massage, Laura is incredible--dare I say, the best I've ever had. She uses the perfect amount of pressure (for me, a lot!) and she's not afraid to go deep or touch parts of the body that often get ignored. It feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g! But it doesn't stop there. As I understand it, Laura also incorporates cranial sacral therapy and uses acupressure points. Sometimes she chants over my body, and she always coaxes me into a meditative state so I am open to receive all that transpires.

During the half-hour "therapy" aspect of each session, Laura has a way of sifting through the slew of stories I come in with and getting down to where the juice is. Again, she is incredibly intuitive and gifted at calling out what's true. I admire this from a professional as well as personal perspective, as I'm a student in a master's program studying transpersonal psychology, so her work is right up my ally. I hope to be a fraction of the healer she is, someday!

If you have been led to this page, GO SEE LAURA. I honestly can't imagine anyone regretting it. Only be warned... you probably will not be able to stop at just once. You'll feel so darn good floating out of her office and you'll notice such change in your life, you won't be able to stay away. Take it from me...

Conor D.

5 stars 1/28/2014

Laura is a truly amazing therapist! She is a gifted healer with an amazing intuitive sense of finding where you are in knots (physically, emotionally and energetically) and an incredible sense of touch to help you release whatever it is you are holding onto, and to then relax and expand. You will literally float out the door after a session!!! Highly recommended.

Craig P.

5 stars 1/28/2000

Laura is the best massage therapist I have worked with, and I've worked with a couple of dozen. She manages to combine fluid style with adapting pressure and technique to address whatever your body needs at the time. Combined with a practical and easygoing style I've never emerged after a massage with Laura feeling any less than fully relaxed and refreshed.

Kathy Rafalzik, Wife & Mother of 2, Chicago, IL

5 stars 2/21/1993

I found coaching sessions with Laura worthwhile because she helped me to find the truth in my present and the possibility of my future, if I confronted issues honestly. In a very non-judgmental and comforting way she guided me through whatever issue or problem presented itself, from interpersonal struggles to life choices, and helped me to discover solutions. During my first pregnancy, a host of new feelings, and sensations were flowing through me. Unfortunately, some of those feelings were getting trapped and causing me frustration, pain and anxiety. With one primary coaching session and several follow-ups, Laura gave me tools (both physical and emotional) to move the negative emotions. I appreciated the "homework" and follow-up work we did as it completed and built onto the conversations we had and helped me hold onto the lessons after the coaching was completed. I am forever grateful because I was able to feel an even more intense bond with my unborn baby and lower my blood pressure, as a result of the coaching. In a very real sense, Laura is my own Dr. Phil helping me to "keep it real".

Birrell W.

5 stars 1/21/1996

Laura knows bodies and she knows energy. She is deeply straightforward. It is refreshing to be in her company. I could add a lot of words, but the reality of her work is not verbal. It is in her touch. I recommend her.

Mike W.

5 stars 1/24/2014

Laura has a magnificent presence exuding radiant health.


5 stars 12/23/2006

Laura was my counselor/coach for more than 3 years. She knows me on a very deep level and helped me through some really challenging times. Laura has a somatic approach to counseling which has you focus on the sensations and internal energy that which is often missed when you are lost in your head. She helped me focus on my own innate wisdom in my body to help gain awareness that lead to more ease. She is also really fun and funny...always helping me bring a chuckle to even the most difficult of circumstances without being dismissive. I really felt like for three years there was someone in my corner routing for me (the person) and me (the soul). Have a session with her and see if you click. If you click, I bet it will be one of the most valuable decisions you've ever made.

Lauren M.

5 stars 12/23/2001

I've had many massages from Laura over the past 10 years. She is the standard to which I measure all other massages. Her holistic knowledge of the human body and spirit informs her treatment, she has an intuitive touch always knowing exactly where to focus coupled with great feedback and advice for ongoing care. Not only is Laura highly skilled at what she does, but she is also a great person! I highly recommend Laura in any of her disciplines.

Mary T.

5 stars 3/6/1995

Laura's touch is healing, present, and loving. She understands the complexities of being in relationship, whether it's an intimate relationship a work relationship or a friendship. She's intelligent, kind and powerful, and she skillfully supports her clients to access these aspects of themselves, no matter whether they go to her for bodywork or coaching.

Marcie B.

5 stars 2/26/1995

I have known Laura for many years. Whenever I am in her presence, I feel that my soul is truly seen and heard, that I am loved, and that healing is always possible. Years ago, I came to her when I was newly separated, jumpy, sad, depleted and quite tender. Laura's energy, words and touch were soothing and deeply calming for me. At the same time, she was very real with me about what I was going through, asked insightful questions and offered clear suggestions that brought direct results. She helped me feel centered and grounded in my body throughout this process. Laura was like a midwife for my broken heart, helping me give birth to my new self, so I could feel free to move on, into the next chapter of my life. Her compassion was then, and is now, palpable. Laura is truly following her intuitive call to heal in this world. Thank you Laura for sharing your amazing gifts with me and in your practice. As I move through my life, I now can connect with my feelings in my body and release them through visualization, meditation, yoga and regular massage. I highly recommend Laura for life's little (and sometimes not so little) aches and pains. You will be happy you found her healing hands and will come away feeling a little better for your time.

Stephanie Charren, Writer, Art Enthusiast & Promoter, Oakland, CA, Spain & SE Asia

5 stars 1/24/2005

After several attempts at finding the right coach, I met with Laura and chose to work with her, specifically because she uses a plethora of self-development skills that span traditional and alternative methods to help individuals reach and explore their potentials. As a curious type eager to try new things, I was able to explore with Laura various ways of being in the world; creatively thinking about present and future and developing practices to consciously inhabit my body and breath. One of the qualities I've enjoyed most about Laura is her ability to stay light, have a sense of humor about any obstacles or surprises and every now and then, be poignantly irreverent. Hoorah! It's her humor, her smile, her years of experience and her consistently evolving ability to be compassionate and challenging that make her uniquely suited to work with. I've grown more comfortable in my own skin and have come to accept and honor some aspects of myself that I had always thought were socially unacceptable or at least liabilities. She allowed me begin accepting the unconventional ways I function best. Acceptance of self. What greater gift could one ask for?

Elizabeth Attard, Founder and CEO, Lizpotion, Los Angeles, CA

5 stars 12/22/2001

From the first day I met Laura I knew my life would be changed forever--she has that kind of power. She's the 'queen of possibility.' The benefit of her coaching and the changes that have occurred in my life, are gifts beyond comparison. Wondering if you should work with Laura? In reply, I like to use Nike's famous slogan, "Just Do It."

Ondine N.

5 stars 8/3/2016

I have been receiving massages from various practitioners for many years. Laura is in a category all her own. She is truly gifted. I live a high stress lifestyle with lots of travel and responsibilities. I go to Laura not only for a superb healing massage experience, but her presence, her wisdom, her humor, her honesty and most importantly her capacity to tune in on so many levels at the same time so she knows exactly where to go on my body and what I need in any given session. I feel truly grateful to have found her in my life.

Anna M.

5 stars 9/12/2016

I tossed my back out yet again, and was flipping through the listings for a massage therapist. Laura's post stuck out for me. Upon meeting her I immediately knew this woman was exactly who I'd been searching for. She took the time to truly see into what in my life, led me to this contracted place. Laura was expressive and grounded describing herself and her practice, and eased any residual concerns I had in that first 15 minutes. It's the combination of her voice, touch and soft energy that was the catalyst for my healing. I'm continuing to see her for both body and emotional work. I feel extremely blessed I've found her.

Uhmillion N.

5 stars 9/14/2015

Two years ago, I got diagnosed with a formal condition and had a name for it after more than seven years of not knowing what was wrong with me. But naming it wasn't helping the chronic pain. Laura at conjunctio did. In the first ten minute consult, she dropped some knowledge on me that both had science and basic intuitive sense combined. She then got me to stand up and showed me a movement technique that has actually shifted my pain levels from a 6 to a 2 on a daily basis. I would have paid for the full session just for that tiny tidbit because it's drastically reduced my pain, and also encouraged movement, ease and listening to my body in one simple shift. The full session was a miracle because I felt better for a solid week. I moved out of the area, but I'm moving back and can't wait to see the very gifted Laura at conjunctio often upon my return!

Lara Hornbeck, Yoga Teacher, Berkeley, CA

5 stars 12/22/2001

When I see Laura regularly, I feel more fluid and easy throughout the rest of my life. I feel more whole, more put together, after a session. Laura is helpful and attentive, letting me know what I can do to heal.