conjunctio. somatic therapeutics


heart of the matter.

with conjunctio, you will embody skills and knowledge that allow you to move more consistently in the direction of fulfillment, well being, increased energy, pleasure, choice, full self-expression, and wise, effective action.


(kon-joongk'teo)  noun. 1. a transformative practice based on Zapchen Somatics. 2. the alchemical name for the sacred marriage of mind, body and spirit. 3. the experience of thriving.


thrive (thriv) intr. v. 1. to make steady progress; prosper. 2. to grow vigorously, flourish. [middle english thriven, from old norse thrifask, reflexive of thifa, to seize.] -thriv'er n.

gladness shared.

"remember that happiness is as contagious as gloom. it sould be the first duty of those who are happy to let others know of their gladness." -Maurice Maeterlinck

mind. body. spirit.

conjunctio is an integrated therapeutic practice that brings together mind, body and spirit. with this dynamic approach to the complexities of living, conjunctio produces sustainable change so you thrive.

conjunctio is an integrated therapeutic practice that brings together mind, body and spirit.

with this dynamic approach to the complexities of living, conjunctio produces sustainable change so you thrive.

this work is perfect for you if:

 an area of your life needs a little nudge or complete overhaul

 you find yourself hip-deep in a major life transition without a map

 you want to resolve aches, pains, and injuries through bodywork and massage

 you want to feel better as a body and take more pleasure in being

 you want to resuscitate your relationship and find that sweet spot again

 you want to be in a relationship that is vital and lasting

 you would like to get off medication for situational depression or anxiety

 you want to feel as good as you can, regardless of circumstances

Happy Man


counseling & coaching

for individuals or couples:

you will change in meaningful ways to increase pleasure and satisfaction in your day-to-day experience of living and the relationships that matter most to you.


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bodywork & massage


bodywork & healing

movement-based or hands-on:

you will unwind the patterns that perpetuate discomfort and pain so that you feel as good you can, regardless of circumstances.


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mindfulness & meditation


mindfulness & meditation

in community:

you will experience being in a way that is more fluid, at ease, and joyful.  good company "sangha"  is essential to us as human beings, if we are to flourish.


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what clients are saying.

Laura has worked with hundreds of people and, being one of them, I can say that she has skills that not many other people have: presence, mutuality, the skills of relationship & appropriate touch.

-Julie Henderson, PhD, Founder Zapchen Somatics, Napa, CA-

Laura is an exceptional practitioner. She values and attends to presence, relationship, communication, and has strong attending skills. She has a good awareness of boundaries and boundary issues. The linearity of time is suspended when we are working. She thrives and invites her clients into that state with her.

-Steve Lindquist, Gestalt Therapist & Teacher, Chicago College of Healing Arts, Chicago, IL-

As a coach Laura helps me in the challenging business of balancing 'doing' and 'being' in a way that is compassionate, focused and affirming.

-Kathy Rafalzik, Wife & Mother of 2, Chicago, IL-

Many years ago I first had the opportunity to work with Laura. She is always aware of the [energetic] field she shares with others. Laura moves that field softly, subtly, or with great energy and vigor. She taught me what "energy" is, how to feel it, and how to share it. I recommend her.

-Birrell Walsh, author of "Praying for Others" San Francisco, CA-

From the first day I met Laura I knew my life would be changed forever--she has that kind of power. She's the 'queen of possibility.' The benefit of her coaching and the changes that have occurred in my life, are gifts beyond comparison. Wondering if you should work with Laura? In reply, I like to use Nike's famous slogan, "Just Do It."

-Elizabeth Attard, Founder and CEO, Lizpotion, Los Angeles, CA-

When I see Laura regularly, I feel more fluid and easy throughout the rest of my life. I feel more whole, more put together, after a session. Laura is helpful and attentive, letting me know what I can do to heal.

-Lara Hornbeck, Yoga Teacher, Berkeley, CA-