about laura.

established in 1995, conjunctio was founded by laura lund from her life-long commitment to de-mystifying the process of real and lasting change that results in the sort of flourishing in which people feel good in their bodies, build loving relationships, experience deep intimacy, and have fulfilling lives.

conjunctio has been practicing in the Bay Area for 17 years and, prior to that, in the Chicagoland Area for five years.

laura is certified as a Senior Somatic Counselor and Educator with Zapchen Somatics, Life Coach, and Zapchen Body Therapist.  she has a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Human Relations.  her on-going study of more than 35 years includes: extensive training in Transformational Technologies, Organizational Development, and Zapchen Somatics, a practice for body and mind that encourages the return to well-being, with Julie Henderson, Ph.D., Tony Richardson, M.D., and Kathy Kain, MA.  laura has also trained in Energy Breaks Shiatsu and People Know-How life-skills training. additionally, she has studied at length with Steve Lindquist, teacher at the Chicago College of Healing Arts, bodyworker and gestalt therapist.

laura is a long-time practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism and Dzogchen, an active member of the Machodpa Institute International for Somatics, and a founding member of the International Association of Coaches.

laura practices as a lineage holder of Zapchen Somatics and teaches as a Senior Somatic Educator, Counselor, Coach, and Healer at the invitation of her teachers, with more than 35 years professional experience as a coach, trainer, consultant, and corporate communications specialist.

 laura assists others in accessing their own transformative power.