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Laura has worked with hundreds of people and, being one of them, I can say that she has skills that not many other people have: presence, mutuality, the skills of relationship & appropriate touch.

-Julie Henderson, PhD, Khandro & Founder Zapchen Somatics, Napa, CA

Laura is an exceptional practitioner. She values and attends to presence, relationship, communication. She has a good awareness of boundaries and boundary issues. The linearity of time is suspended when we are working. She thrives vibrantly, whatever is going on in her life, and invites her clients into that state with her.

-Steve Lindquist, Gestalt Therapist & Teacher, Chicago College of Healing Arts, Chicago, IL

Laura was my counselor/coach for more than three years. she knows me on a very deep level and helped me through some really challenging times. Laura has a somatic approach to counseling which has you focus on the sensations and internal energy, which is often missed when you are lost in your head. she helped me focus on my own innate wisdom as a body and to gain awareness that continues to lead to more ease. she is also really fun and funny, always helping to bring a chuckle to even the most difficult of circumstances without being dismissive. i really felt like for those three years there was someone in my corner cheering me on. have a session with her and see if you click. if you click, i bet it will be one of the most valuable decisions you will ever make.

-T,D., CEO, San Francisco, CA

I have had many massages from Laura over the last ten years. She is the standard to which I measure all other massages. Her holistic knowledge of the human body and spirit informs her treatment. She has an intuitive touch, always knowing exactly where to focus, coupled with great feedback and advice for on-going care. Not only is Laura highly skilled at what she does but, she is also a great person! I highly recommend her in any of her disciplines.

-Lauren M., San Leandro, CA

Higher order coaches move beyond goal setting and life design into helping client's through whole-bodied experience create the quantum field which repatterns their life towards integrity and success. Laura is one of these coaches.

Using subtle yet powerful body-mind integration practices Laura invites you from the cellular level up to 'be' the change you want to see in yourself or the world. Traditional coaching in my experience is all about doing, Laura's approach keeps bringing you back to the importance of being, in a living, breathing, experienced body.

Effective doing is then supported by awareness, presence and alignment in the body which makes lasting change and the movement towards goals and aspirations sustainable over the long haul. This, in my experience, is unique among coaches.

-Llewellyn Wishart, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist Learning & Development Specialist Sydney, Australia

I found coaching sessions with Laura worthwhile because she helped me to find the truth in my present and the possibility of my future, if I confronted issues honestly. In a very non-judgmental and comforting way she guided me through whatever issue or problem presented itself, from interpersonal struggles to life choices, and helped me to discover solutions.

During my first pregnancy, a host of new feelings, and sensations were flowing through me. Unfortunately, some of those feelings were getting trapped and causing me frustration, pain and anxiety. With one primary coaching session and several follow-ups, Laura gave me tools (both physical and emotional) to move the negative emotions. I appreciated the "homework" and follow-up work we did as it completed and built onto the conversations we had and helped me hold onto the lessons after the coaching was completed. I am forever grateful because I was able to feel an even more intense bond with my unborn baby and lower my blood pressure, as a result of the coaching.

In a very real sense, Laura is my own Dr. Phil helping me to "keep it real".

-Kathy Rafalzik, Wife & Mother of 2, Chicago, IL

Thanks for being my life coach. I think you're cool.

-Lori Steiner, Molecular Biologist, Roche Labs, Alameda, CA

Laura changed my view of massage and turned me into and avid fan. She's able to focus in on what is happening with my body and find ways to make it work again. I leave her feeling like the years have been much kinder to me. If that weren't enough she's personable and caring and listens to what's going on with you, both because she cares and because this interest leads her to a more personalized and unique plan for rejuvenating your entire being. She's unique and I feel lucky to have had her work on me for so many years.

-Thomas G., Facilities Manager, Berkeley, CA

Many years ago I first had the opportunity to work with Laura. She is always aware of the [energetic] field she shares with others. Laura moves that field softly, subtly, or with great energy and vigor. She taught me what "energy" is, how to feel it, and how to share it. I recommend her.

-Birrell Walsh, author of "Praying for Others" San Francisco, CA

From the first day I met Laura I knew my life would be changed forever--she has that kind of power. She's the 'queen of possibility.' The benefit of her coaching and the changes that have occurred in my life, are gifts beyond comparison. Wondering if you should work with Laura? In reply, I like to use Nike's famous slogan, "Just Do It."

-Elizabeth Attard, Founder and CEO, lizpotion, Los Angeles, CA

After several attempts at finding the right coach, I met with Laura and chose to work with her, specifically because she uses a plethora of self-development skills that span traditional and alternative methods to help individuals reach and explore their potentials. As a curious type eager to try new things, I was able to explore with Laura various ways of being in the world; creatively thinking about present and future and developing practices to consciously inhabit my body and breath. One of the qualities I've enjoyed most about Laura is her ability to stay light, have a sense of humor about any obstacles or surprises and every now and then, be poignantly irreverent. Hoorah! It's her humor, her smile, her years of experience and her consistently evolving ability to be compassionate and challenging that make her uniquely suited to work with. I've grown more comfortable in my own skin and have come to accept and honor some aspects of myself that I had always thought were socially unacceptable or at least liabilities. She allowed me begin accepting the unconventional ways I function best.

Acceptance of self. What greater gift could one ask for?

-Stephanie Charren, Writer, Art Enthusiast & Promoter, Oakland, CA, Spain & SE Asia

When I see Laura regularly, I feel more fluid and easy throughout the rest of my life. I feel more whole, more put together, after a session. Laura is helpful and attentive, letting me know what I can do to heal.

-Lara Hornbeck, Yoga Teacher, Berkeley, CA